About me

Story of a Housewife

Hello there! I'm Savilla Khan, the wife of an Aviator. While my priority has always been my family and household, I've had a passion for reading and writing. As my children grew up and went off to study in their respective professional colleges, I found an opportunity to fulfill my long-standing desire to write. Becoming a freelancer and giving a positive direction to my talent wasn't an easy journey. I underwent various professional courses and certifications, receiving guidance from mentors and teachers along the way. Despite encountering a few failures, I never allowed myself to get discouraged or look back. Today, I have built a strong portfolio of Resume Writer, Content Creator and LinkedIn Optimization Expert. I have a stellar record of discussing requirements with clients and am adept at following directions, serving customers with poise and professionalism.

Why Me ?

Expertise in Rusume Writing

I am a competent and qualified resume/CV writer who helps and guides job seekers at all levels, from entry-level to C-level positions.
Over the years, I have reviewed and revamped numerous resumes, successfully helping my clients secure great career opportunities. Crafting powerful, dynamic, and targeted resumes is my core skill. With my unique experience working with international clients from around the globe, I have honed my ability to highlight my clients as the most suitable candidates for recruiters.


Clients from online freelancing market places

Nilon S

Fiverr Client

"Working Savilla Khab was amazing. she answered all my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her to friends, family and colleagues. Thank you for your service!"


"Working with Savilla Khan is always a pleasure. This is my second time that I am working with her because her resume is very effective, describing your employment and education skills in paper. I recommend her to anyone trying to get a promotion at your current job or changing career"

Danial N

Upwork Client

Sheharyar K

Upwork Client

"I really appreciated all the work that Savilla put into my resume and LinkedIn profile. se is great at communicating her thoughts and delivers exceptional good content in regard to resume building"